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“Can’t Keep My Cool” by Durand Jones & The Indications

Keeping it cool is overrated…  

Let it happen.

Title: Can’t Keep My Cool/ Artist: Durand Jones & The Indications

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“Blue in Green” by Miles Davis

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.  

You know: about the “big” questions.  What’s next? How to approach that potentially life-altering decision, and of course the biggest of them all: what does it all mean?

Such an exercise is less about finding exact answers than it is about developing self-awareness.  After all, as James Arthur Ray pointed out: “The journey of true success and lasting leaderships begins with the inward journey to the soul.”

What’s a journey without music to accompany you? Better yet, what’s a moment of reflection without Jazz?  

As I take the road on this “inward journey”, I’m bringing along Mr Miles Davis on the trumpet, Mr John Coltrane on the saxophone, Mr Wynton Kelly on the piano, Mr Paul Chambers on the bass and Mr Jimmy Cobb on the drums.

Good travel companions indeed.

Title: Blue in Green / Artist: Miles Davis / Album: Kind of Blue (1959)

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“Can’t Get Over” by Dinner at The Thompson’s

Title: Can’t Get Over / Artist: Dinner at The Thompson’s / Album: Lifetime Planet Earth (2007)

“Tanto Tempo” by Bebel Gilberto

“Tanto Tempo” is about living in the moment without the need to rationalize or question anything.  It’s about recklessly immersing yourself in the “now”, which is the ultimate acknowledgement that it is all there is.

Every day is good day.

Title: Tanto Tempo /Artist: Bebel Gilberto /Album: Tanto Tempo, 2000

“La Mer Opale” by Coralie Clement

“La Mer Opale” should come with a warning sticker.  The first time I came across this, I was under its spell for a week straight.  I’m talking non-stop playback….back to back to back….I still remember people walking in and out of my dorm room wondering what this “weird French song” was?!  

The interesting anecdote about Coralie Clement is that her career began pretty much accidentally.  Her beginnings as a vocalist came as a result of her producer/songwriter older brother (Benjamin Biolay) using her to test his songwriting skills.  Needless to say, he soon realized that “petite soeur” had something special.

Folksy guitars, a tambourine, sweeping pads and an incredible clarinet performance that totally catches you off-guard halfway through the song, make this a simple but really special composition.Coralie Clement (only 19 when this was recorded) delivers a classic performance over her brother’s production.  Her extremely breathy and sensual voice perfectly blends into the jazzy arrangement. 

Title: La Mer Opale – Artist: Coralie Clement – Album: Salles des Pas Perdus, 2001

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