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“Amour a Mort” by Les Nubians

“Si l’amour meurt, alors dit moi ce qu’il reste: des cases vides, des causes injustes, juste des gestes” 

When the love dies, tell me what’s left: only empty homes, unjust causes and meaningless gestures.


Title: Amour A Mort/ Artist: Les Nubians/ Album: One Step Forward, 2003

“Real ” by Macy Gray

Sometimes it pays to stick around for the ending credits of a movie.  Apart from being a great story, Domino (Keira Knightley, Mickey Rourke, 2005) provided me with what has become my favorite Macy Gray song.

On first listen, I simply couldn’t understand why in the world Macy Gray would only give us two minutes of this gem.   This is like meeting that someone special on the last day of your vacation in a place you’ll probably never come back to.  You spend an incredible day together and just like that…it’s over.

Short, sweet…beautifully cruel.

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