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“Khwaab” by Niraj Chag x Swati Natekar

I’ve always thought very highly of Indian music.   No matter what context it is produced in, it always seems to keep its authenticity by acknowledging its roots.  Whether it’s done using the instrumentation or the singing style, you always get the sense that you are witnessing art that is culturally accurate.

I came across this song on the “Putumayo presents India” collection not too long ago.  I was completely blown away by the vocals.  Sati Natekar’s singing took Niraj Chag’s production a whole new level.  I can’t think of the right superlatives to describe her performance…so I’m not going to force it.

Instead, I’m going to just kick back in my bubble and let the music take me East.


Title: Khwaab Artist: Niraj Chag x Swati Natekar Album: Along the Dusty Road

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