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“Siwo” by Jocelyne Beroard

Released in 1986, very few people would have any qualms about calling “Siwo” one of Zouk’s biggest hit records.

Being the lead singer for the 15-piece Martinique-based band Kassav certainly had its benefits when it came time for Jocelyn Beroard to launch her solo album “Siwo”.  She had the luxury of already having established herself as the voice of Zouk, and already possessed a very strong following in the Caribbean and the francophone world in general.  Consequently the album and in particular the single “Siwo” got an amazing reception by fans and in time achieved the ever-elusive “classic status”.

“Siwo” is a fun mix of soca and calypso infused with that unmistakable Caribbean carnival sound:  A “must” in any respectable Zouk collection.  

No pressure though…

Title: Siwo Artist: Jocelyn Beroard Album: Siwo, 1986


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