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“Hey Baby” by Stephen Marley x Mos Def

“I’ve been gone a while away from you and I hope you understand that I’ve got to do what I must do to be a better man…”

Legitimate excuse or just empty rhetoric from someone who isn’t spending enough time with their significant other? Some would argue the former, while most would lean towards the latter (or vice-versa).  Societal and career pressures can easily push a relationship towards its breaking point by continually creating scenarios in which you literally must choose between spending your time and energy to develop your career/aspirations or spending that time to develop your relationship.  It’s a no-win situation…trust me, I’ve been there…

What I love about Stephen Marley is that he makes it so easy for you to relate to his music, by focusing on subjects that we all come across at one point or another in our lives.  Add to that, his unmistakable vocal signature and you have an extraordinary musician.

Title: Hey Baby

Artist: Stephen Marley x Mos Def

Album: Mind Control, 2007

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