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“Tajabone” by Ismael Lo

The “Blues” genre is perhaps a more likely forum for the interaction between a guitar and a harmonica than a classic west African song.  However, as another testament to how global music is, we find them here on this African masterpiece.

Tajabone is the song that put Senegal’s Ismael Lo on the world map with its instant success on the European music charts back in 1992.  Ismael Lo is revered for his versatility.  He expertly alternates between his guitar, a harmonica and vocals during his live performances. Lo was a guitarist for Super Diamano, a “Mbalax” blues band, for five years before leaving to start his own solo career. He is often referred to as the “Bob Dylan of Senegal” because of his guitar and harmonica combination coupled with his conscious lyrics.


Title: Tajabone / Artist: Ismael Lo/ Album: Ismael Lo, 1991

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