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“Ha Dias” by Luca Mundaca

Luca Mundaca built a bridge between indigenous Brazilian sounds, jazz and folk.  I guess that gives her the right to zoom back and forth between the three without any sort of restriction.  To be clear, this is a statement of fact and not a complaint.

In fact I have been listening to “Ha Dias” for years now and I still can’t find fault with it: No vocal lapses, no missteps on the drums and not a single misplaced note on her guitar.  Luca Mundaca is successful in creating the illusion that her performance is unrehearsed, organic, almost spontaneous.  

There is a certain clarity about this song I’ve never been able to define.  I’m guessing it’s probably better that way.

Title: Ha Dias /Artist: Luca Mundaca / Album: Day by Day (2005)

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