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“Kaira” by Toumani Diabate

The Kora is one of West Africa’s most beautiful gifts to the world. Its 21 strings attached to a calabash make it look like a Harp, but its sound has so much more soul…so much more depth.

Toumani Diabate is the son of Mali’s original Kora “King”, Sidiki Diabate who recorded the first ever full-length Kora album in 1970. Toumani followed his father’s footsteps and took them even further with his first album “Kaira” which was recorded in London and released internationally in 1988.

The fact that the entire “Kaira” album was just recorded in one afternoon takes nothing away from its quality and in my opinion, just adds to its magic. Inspiration and improvisation are necessary ingredients when making timeless music.

I don’t love the kora just because of its sound but also because of what it symbolizes: the artist, his instrument, his skill and the spiritual presence of our ancestors passing down stories, wisdom and what it means to be who we are.

I’m immensely proud to have any sort of connection to this.

Title: Kaira
Artist: Toumani Diabate
Album: Kaira, 1988


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  1. Hey there Do he appear like he do within the footage of him with lengthy hair ect!! vielen dank

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