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“Desert” by Emilie Simon and Thievery Corporation

Remixes often attempt to recreate the “feeling” associated with an original song by rearranging  the music. This is a monumental task if you consider the fact that other factors such as the state of mind you were in when you heard the song for the first time, colour how you respond to it.

It is therefore nearly impossible to recreate that feeling.  It is only in a few exceptional cases that we encounter a remix that genuinely challenges the original…. This is one of those exceptions.

Thievery Corporation took Emilie Simon’s “Desert” from great to exceptional. They stripped down the track to its bare minimum, leaving only a single melody from its original version, and then gave it a whole new feel. They added some weight to the baseline, re-worked the drums to get that “head nod” going, crafted new melodies and sprinkled some of their trademark spacey effects on the mix.

“Desert” is about dealing with the solitude experienced when away from a significant other.

“Mon coeur est lourd/ Je compte les heures/ Je compte les jours”
Translates to: “My heart is heavy/I’m counting the hours/I’m counting the days…”.


Title: Desert (Thievery Corporation Remix)
Artist: Emilie Simon
Album: Versions (Thievery Corporation), 2006


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